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So one of the questions I get asked the most(besides when will you put out a cook book?….that’s still a ways away) is …
What quick tips do you have for fun and yummy – oh and healthy – ideas with the boys when you travel so much?

So Halloween is one of my FAVORITE holidays because I think it is fun and food can be so fun!! So in the shower this morning I realized (like most of us that squeeze meal planning in WITH our shower along with calendar organizing, etc…..because who really gets to JUST shower separately from multi-tasking during this necessary cleaning?!? Right?!? If my laptop was waterproof…I’d be unstoppable!) ………hmmmm- what fun dinner (we had brains on toast for breakfast) am I going to squeeze in between lessons, homework and costumes – I know I am not alone in this!

So I actually thought I would sit down and try and help some of you others out there trying to have a fun but healthy meal, that your kids will actually eat before going out and getting more amounts of candy than should be legal, AND without having to take hours cutting out intricute designs in celery stalks and your own homemade pasta….because most of us live in the real world and have no time!
Tonight we are going to have Chili Mac but in our house it will become….Smashed Fingers(sorry – don’t gag – my oldest came up with the name this morning) – but for the youngers or not so spooky folks – it can also be Ghoulie Ghoulash or just Spooky Mac & Cheese. The best part is it is a one pot dish….Use your favorite mac and cheese(can also be organic or Gluten Free) add a can of tomato sauce and cooked/seasoned ground beef and I like to mix in some extra grated cheese at the end - season to taste. That’s it! AND you can make it ahead, it’s quick and they can even hold their bowl and eat while you are doing their hair for their costume. It can also have veggie add-ins if you are trying to bump up the veggies in your house…..some cooked broccoli becomes trees(my kids always loved it if they thought they were eating trees), chunks of cooked squash can be pumpkin pieces, or diced tomatoes always add flavor and more vitamins. So one dish has your carbs for energy to Trick or Treat, veggies and protein!

So you do not have time to make anything?? Sounds familiar! So you have 10 minutes and a quick stop at the store…
Deviled eggs(more protein) – always a hit and can be a take along for a potluck before Trick or Treating….but, Heather, I do NOT have time to make deviled eggs….no worries – just get some eggs and some egg salad from the deli section – boil the eggs while you do something else, Cool, scoop out the yellow and then fill with premade egg salad – top with a sliced olive for an eye ball – and you.are.done! Voila! Double Egg Deviled Eggs. Of course, you can also make an entirely organic version of this as well! – Oh and it should be Gluten Free – yippee!
My last idea for those that only have a 10 min. stop at the store….buns, chopped premade BBQ(premade sloppy joe…or homemade – works great too!), some squash slices and sliced olives and grape tomatoes. Fill bun so that BBQ is spilling out one side(picture a face :-) ) then put two squash slices for eyes, olive slices in middle for eyeballs and a grape tomato sticking out like a tongue…. Spooky Monster Face.
Ok – if nothing else – hopefully this will help you come up with versions or other ideas of your own but -most importantly – have the calming factor of knowing you can have a fun and healthy – quick – meal for your little ones before hitting the neighborhood…..or just for yourself before the ghosts and goblins begin ringing your doorbell! Enjoy and Happy Halloween from the Farm!


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