My Peachy helper

My Peachy helper

s and hammy Hams peachesSo we know folks are curious about our lives because we are living a fairly unique existence taking care of our ladies at our Retreat while having a normal, busy life with 3 fun boys.

Many of you have met our 2nd child(I try to avoid the negative connotation of “middle child”….sorry it’s my psych background and passion…it dies hard), Zachary (we call him “Z”), and he is my summer warrior.  He comes on weekends to help me and is learning all of the yummy recipes as well as working on some of his own.  He knows to be unseen and unheard, so as not to disrupt any of our lovelies while they are on retreat, but the company for me is priceless!  It really gives a whole new view of taking your child to work…

The past 2 weeks have been about peaches and pears.  Both Z and our youngest, Sullivan, loooove peaches – mama does too!  We began getting hooked on Texas peaches by going to Fredericksburg on our way to take boys to camp and fell in love with Gillespie County peaches.  I had never had East Texas peaches so for years we would load up on our way to and from camp drop off and pick up.  Well….then a friend of mine asked why the boys and I didn’t stop by Ham Orchards on our way to our place, Heritage House Farm. So 2 summers ago….we finally made it.  We pulled into the parking lot at 4:58p.m. on the very last day of their season not knowing they close at….5 p.m. Oh no!

We got out of the car seeing a sweet couple on the porch eating ice cream.  We said hello and they said, “you know they haven’t locked the door yet – I bet they would let you just buy some peaches real quick”.  So, “Rule Follower” Heather hesitated greatly and then peeked in the door and asked a young women if we could just get one bag of peaches and she said, “Sure.”  We love them!

From that first bag of peaches and their soft serve ice cream…we have been hooked ever since on East Texas peaches and we make at least one pilgrimage to Ham’s each year and stock up….because Sullivan can eat a whole bag by himself – seriously!

This year we have made 2 trips so far and plan on one more.  We have many peach trees on our farm but only 2 are mature enough to produce fruit and we are still in the learning stages of how to make them strong and successful…we did get one batch off of our own tree that we made cobbler with for our guests – Yummy!  But for the rest we fill in gladly with local peaches from our neighbors at Ham’s.  At this point we have made 2 pies, 4 batches of preserves(making 2 more today) and 3 cobblers.

So coming on retreat at HHF in the summer just got better because you can stop at Ham Orchard on your way in(they are closed on Sundays) and grab some peaches or some other wonderful homemade treats and goodies from their store.  And then come on in for all the delicious homemade food and relaxation at HHF.

Just a few days ago we harvested our own pears from our pear tree.  It is so full and Sullivan decided he wanted to harvest some.  We shared a video on YouTube so you can see just how intense pear harvest time is on our farm….um yeah. First of all, you will notice that he is entirely dressed appropriately….right down to his shoes…I mean flip flops.  Second, you will possibly notice the lack of an apparatus to collect the pears in.  We are very humble and have to just laugh and be thankful as we stumble and learn along this path the Lord has blessed us with!

(Youtube channel if you want to follow us: Heritage House Farm          Link to video:

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