In honor of Mother’s Day, I thought I would dedicate this post to my sweet mother.  A lot of you have met her because she comes and helps me on weekends when her “retirement” schedule allows. :-) And she has adopted all of you lovely ladies as one of her own….because that’s just how she is…now you know where I get it from.  If she is unable to come a weekend when a group she knows is there, she will ask, “How is so and so…or how did so and so’s son do in basketball?”  She is invested – just like me!

I used to think my mother was crazy when she would tell me that one day I would actually WANT to nap(no really – I really thought she was verifiably crazy!).  She was right.  It always drove her crazy that I would not wear lipstick and that I “needed a little color” because she came from the 50′s when everyone had a perfect face before leaving the bathroom in the morning but now that I am older, I think she still feels I “need color” sometimes but also is pleased that I am not a “super made up” kind of gal and that most of the time I do with very minimal make up…for better or worse.  It truly is one of the blessings of age and wisdom – that we learn to embrace each other – faults and differences and all!

My mama is where I get my love of cooking from(and my grandmas on both sides), my love of caring for others, my (sometimes annoying) ability to always look on the bright side, my love for dark chocolate over milk chocolate, my faith that I learned from her unwavering example even in the worst of times and as with anyone’s mom – the list goes on and on.

As so many, I grew to only appreciate my mother more as I became a mother myself.  The endless worry, concern….dollars added to the “therapy” jar for all of my mistakes I’ve made with my boys have only made me thankful for her being my role model.  I am not sure why Heavenly Father spared me the “payback” of having a teenage daughter like myself but instead blessed me with 3 boys but I am often in wonder of my mother’s patience with me as a teenager and grateful that she didn’t just sell me off to the circus!

So I share this story from when I was a child to give you a picture of where I get my hospitality heart but also to give you a giggle….because, no, I wasn’t always a sweet and innocent child…and I had a bit of a mischievous side.  It was the norm when my sister and I were little that my mother was always making something for someone else to help out their situation or just lighten their day.  Long before the days of Care Calendars and Sign Up Genius’, my mother always had a meal going or a dessert for another family in need.  One evening there were 4 lovely loaves of fragrant, warm homemade bread on the counter when I came into the kitchen.  I was pretty sure they were not for our family’s consumption but instead of asking to confirm…..I picked a hole in the crust of one of the loaves….because then I knew we would have to keep it.  I would have strangled me if I had been my own child!!!  But I was honest about why I did it…so my sweet mama showed me grace…..though she should probably have strung me up by my toenails. :-)

Happy Mother’s Day and remember to write all of those good “mom” stories and quotes down – they are your legacy and your greatest treasure!


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