Well, I can’t believe it’s already 2015!!  Seriously – in my mind weren’t we JUST preparing for Y2K…YESTERDAY??!?  Um, then my sweet hubby reminds me that, well, that wasn’t even in this decade anymore…yikes!

I know we hear it all the time but I really do try and cherish those simple moments.  You know the ones – when your child smiles at you with that oh-so-innocent look of wonder and for just a second – you can remember that wonder – but you gotta catch it because like a flash it’s gone and the dryer is buzzing, the microwave beeps that dinner is heated and you are back in the real world.

So here is to wishing you lots of those simple moments in 2015.  Catch them and hold on to them just as long as life will let you!

Here’s a  tip to hopefully help you savor more of those simple moments that I do at home and many of you may already do this(Ok – let’s be real here – I do often at home but I too am neglectful at this and am determined to be better about it because like everyone else my time seems to just disappear and preserving those memories is precious!) I have a small blank book/journal in my nightstand and(separate from my journal) I jot down quotes, events, just funny things that happened and I date it and put which boy it was from.  The boys even love when we revisit these and they will say, “Mom, remind me who said ‘Oh-MORE-Cows’ – was that me or Harrison?” ….and then mom has another memory to add and date in the book. :-)

Here’s to happy memories and preserving them!


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